Breaking News : SARS-cov2  COVID-19 ARDS Protocol for mechanical ventilator settings

Find here  videos and bibliography coming from the App iVentilate and using a simple protocol that helps to titrate PEEP individually in case of severe ARDS with PF<150 (Video of Express Protocol); a method to assess lung recrutability (video of Recruitment/Inflation ratio method) associated with prone position if PF remains < 150. We propose these documents to help the healthcare professionals that will have to take care of patients with ARDS and are not used to.
Mission statement
Millions of patients are ventilated artificially every year in critical care unit, in operating rooms or at home. Experimental and clinical research have demonstrated that  improper artificial ventilation settings are responsible for morbidity and mortality. SimVA medical provides two innovative training methods to improve safety in patient’s cares: iVentilate App and SimVA App.
iVentilate provides an insight into the main principles (from basic to advanced) of mechanical ventilation for healthcare professionals and medical students to improve their understanding of patient-ventilator interactions. see iVentilate page for details…
SimVA App* 
SimVA is a virtual simulator that simulates all the major modes of artificial ventilation available on commercially respiratory devices, for all major pathologies. Interactions between patient’s respiratory mechanic  (with or without spontaneous breathing) and ventilator’s settings are displayed on a screen (TV, iPad, Retroprojection). Validations of mathematical models have been published as abstracts in various ICU congresses, and a randomized study in residents assessed knowledge on mechanical ventilation with significant improvement with SimVA. see SimVA page for details…
*SimVA App is not yet available on AppStore
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