Our expertise

We published several studies on mechanical ventilation (Hadrien Rozé), and heart modelisation, and machine learning  (Remi Dubois).

Our expertise in mechanical ventilation comes from pressure or volume controlled modes in intensive care or in operating room during one or two lungs ventilation, but also Airway Pressure Release Ventilation under Extra Corporeal Membrane Oxygenation in Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome, Neurally Adjusted Ventilatory Assist during weaning or after lung transplantation …

This two expertises created a unique model of patients with adaptive spontaneous breathing or not, with alveolar recruitment or not, and these virtuel patients can be ventilated with any mode of ventilation that we modelize in the simulator.

Validation of SimVA

In order to assess and validate our mathematical models of patients with several pathologies and of various ventilator modes, we compared our modelisations with results of previous major large clinical or physiological studies on mechanical ventilation:

  • Simulation of the Improve study in the operating room.
  • SimARDS comparison to ARMA (NEJM) and EXPRESS (JAMA) studies, evaluation of relative transpulmonary pressure Grassol et al (ICM).
  • SimCOPD comparison to the study from Thille et al. on asynchronies (ICM).
  • SimNAVA comparison to the Rozé et al. protocol (ICM)
  • SimPAV+ comparison to the Carteaux et al. protocol (CCM)