SimVA application was designed to fit with an education program from the basic to the advanced settings in mechanical ventilation. It is now a simulation tool that is used to teach interactively each step of our program presented on the video below:

Validation of the clinical accurancy of each simulation step have been done through comparison with protocols and results of famous research studies, see “Publications” in the menu.


We use SimVA for the education and training  of ICU Physicians, Residents, Physiotherapists, Respiratory Therapists, Anesthesiologists, Nurses in ICU or operating Room, Paramedics, Emergency department. We create a training centre of mechanical ventilation in the Bordeaux University Hospital, as you can see on this video.

We compared traditional lectures with powerpoint using articles and screen copies of ventilators to Simulation courses with SimVA in order to evaluate the potential of training through virtual simulation. 2 groups of residents in Anesthesiology and Intensive Care were randomized. Resident’s knowledge was evaluated before, just after lectures and at 3 months (retention of knowledge) in both groups (Paired ANOVA test).

E Poster ICU congress  SimVA Residents

Both, control and SimVA groups, improved their knowledge on mechanical ventilation but SimVA was better, essentially 3 months later. Abstract SimVA Education


We used iPads with Airplay on Apple TV to give lectures individually or to several students on different screens at the same time, interactively.

Simulation in Mechanical Ventilation, University courses with Prs Alain Mercat & JCM Richard, Angers, France, march 2018

Hadrien Roze training in the Intensive Care Unit

Clinical staff on mechanical ventilation, introduction to PAV+ with the residents in the ICU, before using it at the bedside.

Training center with residents in Anesthesiology and Intensive Care in Bordeaux, France

Formation of intensivists on mechanical ventilation in ICU during  national congress in Anesthesiology and Intensive Care (SFAR) in Paris, France

Formation on mechanical ventilation with respiratory physiotherapists.

Formation on mechanical ventilation for hospitals in charge of donors before lung retrieval for bipulmonary transplantation

Formation on ventilatory modes for nurses in Anesthesiology in Operating Room and Nurses in Intensive care, Paramedical school, Bordeaux, France.

Lecture on mechanical ventilation for the formation of the Emergency Room residents in emergency medicine.