SimVA App


With SimVA, learn mechanical ventilation interactively everywhere. SimVA is realistic very close to respiratory device at the bedside . Lots of physiological tools are available and all ventilatory settings and protocols can be tested. SimVA was tested with residents and improve their knowledge on ventilation.

Patient Model

Patients can have various diseases from obstructive to restrictive syndrome, ARDS, obesity … Patients can be recruited or not, End Expiratory Lung Volume,Pressure Volume curve, Elastane Related Transpulmonary and alveolar pressures can be displayed. All kind of asynchronies due to patient-ventilator interaction can occur with adaptive spontaneous breathing and assist modes. This is what is new in comparison to previous simulator available today.

Modes & Tools

SimVA has volume and pressures modes with or without spontaneous breathing, Pressure Support Ventilation. All assisted modes are adaptative to patient’s effort with Pmus monitoring.

This video below illustrates how our SimVA model works